Breeding Dogs

under constructionFirst of all, you really have to ask yourself WHY? It is a very labor, time and money intensive endeavor. It can be rewarding and heartbreaking. It isn’t just about producing puppies. It’s about responsibility for the puppies, the adults, the breed, and the sport of purebred dogs. And it is about being available to the families of your puppies for the life of their dog, being available to educate the public, other breeders, judges, vets, and anyone else that has questions about your breed(s).It’s about learning–about dogs in general, about your breed, about the health issues in your breed, about canine genetics, about nutrition, reproduction, whelping, raising orphan puppies, dog psychology, human psychology, interviewing potential buyers, stud fee contracts, puppy contracts, how to survive with no sleep, that there is no such thing as too many baby wipes or too many paper towels, about parvo, vaccinations, bleach, worming, parasites, …

It’s about wonderful people that take your puppies into their homes and love them, about making new friends, about building a network of other breeders to share ideas and concerns with, about watching your pups grow into beautiful dogs that are great ambassadors for their breed, about watching them earn championships or hunting titles, become therapy dogs or a child’s best friend, about learning that one of your pups has crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of a long, happy life.

More on this later. For now, if you need technical advice on breeding/whelping, we recommend the following book: