Planned Spinone Breedings

We’re Expecting!!
Pups due mid October 2019.

Caro (Riserva Acca Kappa At Quietwood) x Even (QuietWood Even w Roadrunner)
We are pretty excited about this breeding. It is a second litter for both.
Caro (Resto del Restone x Ombra) is from Riserva Degli Spinoni. We are honored to be able to add him to our breeding program.
Even (HopeCreek’s Rosso Chili Caldo @ Roadrunner x QuietWood Electric Slyde at Roadrunner) goes back to our first girl Candy, our foundation bitch.



We keep a waiting list for our planned breedings. To be added to the waiting list for this or future litters, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire and forward to

Here is a link to our Puppy Questionnaire:

Until I get smarter and can figure out how to put that form on-line, you’ll have to download, print, and either scan to email to us or put in snail mail. Sorry. I’m working on that getting smarter thing.

Friends with Spinone Pups now or on the way….
Contact us for recommendations of other breeders we know that have or may have pups available. We have other breeder friends across the country and across the pond. So feel free to contact us in case we know of other available pups. And if you are one of those breeder friends with available pups, feel free to keep us posted so we can send folks your way.

Email Bonnie at (unless you are a spammer, then pretend you can’t see that!)


We have plans for another later later 2019. Please check back or ask us.


Bosch x Even 2018

Pups were born August 30, 2018. All pups are spoken for. Please email us for more info or to get on the waiting list for the next litter

Sire: Hieronymus Bosch Del Caos at QuietWood (Bosch)

Dam: QuietWood Even w Roadrunner (Even)



“Murphy” a Bosch x Even puppy

Gladys x Enzo


Gladys had six lovely pups on August 6th, 2017. All are in their new homes. If you are interested in a future puppy, please fill out our questionnaire (see link below) and email us at


More about the Enzo x Gladys litter HERE

Visit their Facebook album here: Litter on Facebook

Ari x Sonny II

We were so pleased with the first Ari x Sonny litter that we repeated it. Eight beautiful pups were born 31 July 2016. Ari was bred to Sonny (a Tira son).

All pups have been placed.


Ari (QuietWood Cupid’s Aria) looking for birds.Sonny (Ch QuietWood Salvatore Philip Bono)Still looking for birds.


Sonny is a son of our girl Tira (who was BOB at Westminster 2007) and a grandson of our first Spinone, Candy (2001-2015).

Visit the Ari x Sonny II Facebook Album here: Ari x Sonny II

Ari x Sonny I

The first Ari x Sonny litter was spectacular. Visit their Facebook Album here: Ari x Sonny I on FaceBook

Or visit their web page here: Ari x Sonny I