Maddie x Caro

Maddie was born and bred here at QuietWood. She is co-own and lives with Campbell and Willie in Houston. After several tries, we finally succeeded in breeding Maddie (CH QuietWood Strawberry Fields Forever) and achieved a pregnancy. We ended up with only three, but three exceptional puppies. Unable to actually part with any of them, two are staying here and one is co-owned with friends in Houston.

The day we took Maddie to the clinic for the planned TCI (trans-cervical insemination) which unfortunately turned into a surgical insemination, we were not allowed in the clinic due to COVID-19 protocols in effect at the clinic. As we hung around out in the parking lot, I found a “lucky” Penny. Naturally, I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I kept that penny. We felt very lucky when we confirmed Maddie’s pregnancy!

With that lucky penny in mind, all three pups have lucky names and each has it’s own lucky charm.

Boy #1: QuietWood Corno Portafortuna – aka Lucky or Doofus is orange roan with orange markings. FYI Corno Portafortuna is an Italian good luck symbol. Doofus lives with and makes Beverlee and Chad laugh a lot!
Boy #2: QuietWood Four-Leaf Clover – aka Shamrock is also orange roan with orange markings. Shamrock is a very old soul in a big, young body. There is just something about Shamrock that was apparent early on. I just couldn’t part with this boy.
Girl #3: QuietWood Lucky Penny – aka Penny (of course) is brown roan with brown markings. She is a very athletic girl. If, while running and playing with her friends, someone cuts in front of her, instead of crashing into them or making a quick turn, she simply leaps over them!